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Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs by State

Much like with any other industry, motorcycle mechanic jobs range in popularity from state to state. With higher concentrations of bikers and motorcycles across the country and around the globe, it is understandable that some areas have much larger concentrations of motorcycle mechanic jobs. With a variety of research and source material on the subject, it is easy to see which states have the most opportunities of available jobs.

On a nationwide wavelength, there are approximately 15,590 motorcycle mechanics in total. With a mean hourly wage of $19.22 and a mean annual wage of $39,970. Now that you have gained some understanding of the hourly and yearly wages associated with this position let us look at which states have the largest job pools.


Being that California is the size it is means there is a large concentration of numerous professions. In terms of employment, California motorcycle technician jobs average 1,430 available. This equates out to .08 per 1,000 jobs, and these employees can expect to earn $49,030 on a yearly average.


Florida is, of course, another large state with a wealth of employment opportunities. Being that they have typically warm weather all year round means there are many bikes on the road. Therefore, there is, of course a bounty of Florida motorcycle mechanic jobs. When going more in-depth, there are around 900 total motorcycle technician jobs in the state of Florida. This makes up .10 of every 1,000 jobs in the state, with employees $18.41 hourly and $38,300 yearly.


Not to sound like a broken record, but Texas is another large state with a massive concentration of riders, including several biker clubs as well. On average, there are about 880 Texas motorcycle mechanic jobs, earning $19.47 hourly and $40,500 yearly. The profession itself makes up .07 of every 1,000 jobs in this area. Finally, the location quotient equates out to .67 in comparison to the national average.


In terms of motorcycle mechanic jobs in the state of Wisconsin, the average is around 820 employees in total. Per every thousand jobs, motorcycle mechanic jobs make up around .28. In terms of location quotient, Wisconsin motorcycle technician jobs are populated with 2.68%, so it is a bit more densely concentrated than some of the other states on this list so far. Motorcycle mechanics in Wisconsin earn around $17.80 per hour, with an average annual income of $37,030.


Ohio is a more significant state, yes; however, it is not as populated with motorcycle mechanic jobs. There are approximately 700 motorcycle technicians in the area; it is seemingly less than what one might have initially presumed. Per every 1,000 jobs, the motorcycle mechanic profession within Ohio stands at about 1.21. On average, the hourly rate is around $ 17.21 hourly and $35,790 annually.

States with Lesser Concentrations of Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs

The United States is quite a diverse country with a lot to see and do as you travel from state to state. As such, there are areas with fewer bikes, riders, and, therefore, less need for motorcycle mechanics. From Montana to South Dakota, there are smaller concentrations of motorcycle mechanic jobs though still a notable number of motorcycle sales jobs, all the way through to motorcycle general managers jobs.


Believe it or not, the state of Montana only has around 250 employees within this industry. This small size leads to a small .52 employment per 1,000 jobs. The location quotient 4.94 concerning the national average. Similarly, the mean hourly wage for a motorcycle mechanic job is $18.12 and $37,690 annually.

New Mexico

This southern state has approximately 280 employees holding motorcycle mechanic jobs, which equates out to .35 of every 1,000 employees in the state. On average motorcycle mechanic jobs earn $15.55 an hour and $32,350 on an annual basis. The location quotient in comparison to the national average is 3.25.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire currently has approximately 210 motorcycle mechanics statewide. In terms of every 1,000 employees, New Hampshire equates out to .32. Additionally, its location quotient is equal to 3.00 in comparison to the national average. Typically, the mean hourly wage for motorcycle mechanic jobs in New Hampshire is $22.46. The annual wage equates to around $46,720, with one of the more substantial payoffs of the states mentioned thus far.

South Dakota

The amount of motorcycle mechanic jobs located in the state of South Dakota rests around 140 employees with a .33 ratio to every 1,000 jobs. The location quotient here about the national average is .33—which is close to average across the country. In terms of income, the average hourly wage of a motorcycle mechanic job is $16.18 and $33,650 annually.


There are only around 90, coming in with the least amount of motorcycle mechanic jobs so far. Per every 1,000 employees in the state, motorcycle technicians equate to .34. In terms of compensation in this area those with motorcycle technician jobs make $37,600 annually and $18.07 hourly. As far as location quotient is concerned, Wyoming rests at 3.14.

Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs in the United States

As you can see, the concentration of trained technicians in the United States is quite diverse, traveling from state to state. With motorcycle culture being more prevalent in diverse areas, it is easy to see why various states have a greater or lesser need for this profession. A quick Google search for motorcycle mechanic careers near me will turn up more information regarding the demand in your state.


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