We are here to help you! Our goal is to create a solid industry social network of seasoned professionals and enthusiast that want to be part of this industry. We are very fortunate and gratefull everyday that we get to work in this amazing industry, and to be able to help
people and companies come together is just a great added bonus.

Alex Baylon

Alex Baylon
MIJ Founder & President
I started MIJ in 2004 when i saw i was in need of a job. The industry i love and i'm passionate worked only by word of mouth or classified ads in the back of Cycle News. I wanted to create a
network that helped connect industry professionals and enthusiast with     companies in the powersports industry.

Jason Gearld

Jason Gearld
Business Development Manager
I have been a "Moto" guy since i was a little kid back in Indiana. After putting my time in this industry working at dealerships i eventually ended up at Fox Racing back in 2000, then MSR,  and Bonnier Group and now i am trying to pay it forward to do what someone did for me so many years ago.

erik h

Erik Hunter
Harley-Davidson Dealer Expert
I'm an avid rider that has a passion for  Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Plus my experince in the automotive dealership side has made this a perfect blend of work and passion. Helping Harley
dealerships and enthusiast like myself come together is keeps me going.


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I jokingly say that I crashed my way into the motorcycle industry; after nine years as a Marine, my career was cut short due to some injuries sustained at Willow Springs International Raceway. Since that time, I have been fortunate to assist in the growth and development of brands such as Icon Motorsports, ScorpionEXO, and Leatt Protectives. I have earned a reputation as a strategic leader with the ability to drive operations, launch innovative products, and execute revenue-generating activities that support rapid growth and brand awareness. I am dedicated our powersports dealer network and seeing these passionate entrepreneurs thrive, I feel compelled to get kids on bikes to build the future of our industry, and lastly I am part of that small demographic that needs a voice.

Teri Lynn
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My first job in the industry was behind the parts counter at a shop called Team Bozeman Motorsports in Bozeman Montana. It was the late 90’s and I was fortunate enough to be working alongside of a very experienced guy by the name of Jason Gearld. Gearld not only taught me the ways of the motorcycle dealership world but also became a lifelong friend. A couple years later I started at Fox Racing in Morgan Hill California doing international sales. After 12 years at Fox doing a variety of roles, I joined Bell helmets as international sales manager. Now several years later I am a Brand Marketing Manager.


My first job in the industry was at a dealership while I was in college in Tallahassee. I got my dream job with EVS after getting my degree and moved to Wisconsin where I got to travel the country for an awesome brand. An opening popped up with Tucker that put me back in Florida as a Helmet & Apparel Specialist, and then Sales Manager. I’ve always wanted to move into marketing and after some time, Tucker’s leadership gave me the opportunity and now I am the Sr. Manager in Marketing.

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Jason Gearld


My first job in the industry was doing sales at Stoughton Cycle Ranch in Indiana.  It was the raddest shop around and especially for the time.  Wilma Stoughton gave me a chance and I became a sponge.  I’ve been really lucky to work for some great brands once I moved to California.  Met a ton of people that I otherwise wouldn’t have.  Now I work at MIJ as the Business Development contact and am trying to pay it forward to do what someone did for me so many years ago.


I started working in the motorcycle industry behind the parts counter at Maxim Honda Yamaha while working on a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Today I am fortunate to be part of the marketing crew as the Content Manager. In this role I am responsible for driving and executing the content strategy to build brand awareness. I get the chance to travel often, creating a wide range of content productions from the desert in Utah to our own backyard at Washougal. It’s not uncommon to see me both racing and creating content at an event. I’m grateful to be part of an industry that I’m passionate about and grateful to be part of a quickly growing but small demographic.

Kaitlyn Beecroft