In an ever-expanding industry, countless job opportunities are popping up all over the country. One such field of expertise boasting employment opportunity is that of motorcycle engineering jobs. Whether you are currently employed as a motorcycle engineer and you are hunting for a new job or your fresh out of school looking to get a start in the industry – now is the time to polish your resume and cover letter and start reaching out to local companies with motorcycle engineering job vacancies.

The world of motorcycle engineering jobs is ripe with prospect. But what are motorcycle engineering jobs and what is expected of the person in this role? As it turns out, the world of motorcycle engineering jobs is quite diverse when it comes to the required tasks and responsibilities. So, what exactly does a motorcycle engineer do?

The Duties and Responsibilities of Motorcycle Engineering Jobs

Knowing what is involved in any position is crucial from motorcycle marketing jobs to motorcycle mechanic jobs,  so that you can be sure it is a good fit. The following are the primary duties and responsibilities involved in motorcycle engineering jobs. If you are already familiar with motorcycle engineering jobs, this will just be a quick review.

  • Performing regular maintenance Changing oil
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Repairing engines and transmissions
  • Listening to engines
  • Examining motorcycle frames
  • Using diagnostic machines to identify problems and possible solutions

In short, motorcycle engineer jobs encompass the checking, servicing, and repair of motorcycles. Of course, there are other duties involved including motorcycle inspection, assembly, installing and repairing things like fuel injection systems, discussing problems with customers, and more.

While you only need a high school diploma or GED to apply for motorcycle engineering jobs, a 2-year certification from a trade school can increase your chances of employment, as well as a chance at better pay.

Motorcycle Engineering Jobs and The Future of The Industry

Interestingly enough, the pandemic did not wipe-out the motorcycle industry, with many areas even experiencing growth. With an increase in demand for motorcycles, parts, and accessories in America and vast underemployment, motorcycle engineering jobs are currently in increased demand. If you are currently unemployed but experienced in motorcycle engineering, take advantage, and get back into the game. If you think you might be qualified but have never held a motorcycle engineer job, the following are examples of qualifying experience.

  • Electrical work
  • Automotive engineering
  • Work assembling lawnmowers, chainsaws, and other small engine machinery
  • Work assembling vehicles
  • Riding and maintaining motorcycles

There are several prominent and small-town shops and dealerships currently searching for qualified individuals to fulfill motorcycle engineering jobs. Read on to discover which companies are currently experiencing a high demand for motorcycle engineers.

Who is Hiring for Motorcycle Engineering Jobs?

While this is not a complete list of every single company currently in need of motorcycle engineers, we thought we would go ahead and note some of the companies hiring now. If none of these companies pique your interest, consider a local search for smaller shops and dealers in your area.

Harley Davidson

While this seems like it would be obvious, I still felt the need to mention Harley Davidson as they have hundreds of open motorcycle engineering jobs across the country. Some of the benefits of a Harley Davidson job include on-site support, service tech assistants, and state of the art facilities.

Zero Motorcycles

Located in Santa Ana, CA, Zero combines the best parts of a traditional motorcycle with modern technology to create impressive, high-performance electric motorcycles. If you find yourself in the Santa Ana area and need of employment, a Zero motorcycle job might be right for you. Zero Motorcycles is a transformational company currently seeking qualified motorcycle engineers.

STS Technical Services

STS Technical services also has a high demand for motorcycle engineer jobs. Formed in 1903, STS has been around for quite some time, delivering premium motorcycles, parts, accessories, and more. Those in motorcycle engineering jobs with STS are ultimately helping support the introduction of new engines and drivelines for companies like Harley.

Browse Available Motorcycle Engineering Jobs Near You Today

As a motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for motorcycle mechanics, we recommend considering any number of motorcycle engineering jobs in the near future. As the motorcycle industry experiences consistent growth, the demand for talented and qualified professionals is great. Explore MIJ today to discover any motorcycle engineer positions available near you.