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Must-Have Tool List for Harley Davidson Technician Jobs

Harley Davidson is perhaps the most well-known motorcycle in all the world. From their all-American heritage to their rugged engineering and stellar customer service, it is easy to see how they have reached such impressive heights. With such a reputable, highly respected company, many in the industry strive for a shot at Harley jobs of all kinds.

Looking specifically at a mechanic tool list for those working a Harley job, there are a few important steps and investments that will help you reach your goal. When discussing personal investments regarding motorcycle mechanic jobs with Harley Davidson, a solid mechanic tool set is an absolute must. Thanks to their nuances and unique engineering, we recommend building your Harley Davidson mechanic set accordingly with these must-haves.

Torque Wrenches

A good inch pound torque wrench, Snap-on torque wrench, foot-pound torque wrench, high foot-pound torque wrench, and a torx bit set for starters, are absolute necessities. From Snap-on,Proto to Dewalt, there are many dependable options available for building a complete motorcycle mechanic toolset for a Harley job. Whether it be to tighten nuts and bolts or secure fasteners, torque wrenches are essential for the security of both you and your clients.

A Brake Bleeder

Replacing the hydraulic fluids within brakes and clutches can be a big, two-man job depending on the tools you have at your disposal. By adding a vacuum brake bleeder like those made by Mityvac to your Harley Davidson mechanic tool set, this becomes a one-man task that consumes just under half an hour.

Impact Driver

The impact driver is an invaluable piece of equipment, and a staple for any mechanic working a Harley job. Impact drivers apply massive twisting power at the force of a breaker bar and come with a variety of tips and bits that will never lose their shape under pressure.


Every  mechanic working a Harley job will have a multimeter as part of their essential tool kit. From testing battery voltage to finding and fixing electrical shorts this tool is indispensable.

Allen Key Set

There’s nothing worse than needing an Allen key and only having the wrong sizes to choose from. That’s why when working a Harley job every mechanic must add a 6-in-1 Allen key to their tool collection. The Motion Pro, for example, starts with a 3/8-inch drive and goes up to 19-mm, perfect for removing front axles on several varieties of bikes.

Socket Wrench Set

When it comes to maintenance and repair of a Harley Davidson, a socket wrench set will help efficiently fasten and unfasten sockets. When working a Harley Davidson mechanic job the socket wrench set sizes will range from 10mm to 17mm.

Fork Rebuild Tools

When it comes to home mechanics, fork repair can be quite a bit daunting. That is why the talented mechanics working Harley Davidson jobs should invest in fork rebuild tools. Fork disassembly is easy as 1, 2, 3 with a tool like this. Traxxion Dynamics’ fork tool kit is an exemplary selection, complete with a spring compressor and a tool that removes the damper rod for easy access when it comes time for fork reassembly.

Building a Must-Have Tool Set for Harley Davidson Technician Jobs

If you are looking for a Harley Davidson technician job, you need to take their reputation and yours very seriously. Being that Harley Davidson is THE NAME when it comes to motorcycles, they want to hire candidates with the education, experience, and know-how it takes to be a success. In addition to a stellar motorcycle mechanic resume, presenting a respectable mechanic tool set will help you earn the chance to prove yourself and your abilities. While this mechanic tool list is only the beginning, these necessities will more than get you on your way.

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