Top Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

5 Best Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in the U.S.

While your talent may get you places when searching for motorcycle mechanic jobs, your official training speaks volumes about who you are as a professional. Becoming a motorcycle mechanic requires training, certification, and even licensure in some locations. From vocational motorcycle mechanic schools to local technical colleges and universities, there are many ways for one to get the training necessary for being successful in motorcycle jobs. No matter if you are striving for Harley Davidson jobs or jobs within your local shop, the best motorcycle mechanic schools are waiting to help kickstart your career.

#1 American Technical Institute        –        Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Located in the San Juan area, this motorcycle mechanic school focuses specifically on maintenance and repair. It’s a compact school with few inhabitants, making individualized attention easy, strengthening your education experience. With a price of just under $6,000 annually, not only is this motorcycle mechanic school affordable, but they also offer financial aid. They offer morning, afternoon, evening, and Saturday classes, making it possible for anyone to attend—even those with kids or conflicting work schedules.

This non-profit organization trains students universally on all the major brands from Harley Davidson to Ducati, BMW, Yamaha, and more. From technical training to engineering, troubleshooting, and repair, this motorcycle repair school prepares you for all aspects of the industry, making it a top choice.

#2 Iowa Lakes Community College    –        Estherville, Iowa

Community college is an EXCELLENT option for many technical positions. Often having higher success rates than relative universities/colleges. Though not solely a motorcycle mechanic school, Iowa Lakes Community College offers an intuitive 2-year motorcycle mechanic program that grants you an associate degree in motorcycle mechanics. With a beautiful campus and innovative, hands-on training, this is a very student-centric school.

Students attending this motorcycle mechanic school program receive diversified training on several levels, learning how to understand and repair two- and four-cylinder machines masterfully. Furthermore, one can earn specialty certifications with some of industry-leading companies like Harley Davidson and Suzuki. Additionally, nothing beats their high-tech lab! We recommend this motorcycle repair school to anyone looking to get into motorcycle mechanics or running a business. At Iowa Lakes, they provide the foundation a future motorcycle mechanic requires for optimal success.

#3 Red Rocks Community College     –        Lakewood, Colorado

When you train under Red Rocks Community College’s Power Equipment and Sports Vehicle Technology AAS Degree, you receive two certifications. This motorcycle mechanic school’s 2-year degree is comprised of 63 credit hours. Its lovely campus provides students the opportunity to begin their career path or improve on their current skill level with all the resources a student could need. Furthermore, they have been successful for over 50 years, standing proudly accredited by the Higher Power Commission.

As far as this motorcycle mechanic school’s values go, they believe in integrity and collaboration, empowering all their students to get a fair and equal shot at all educational opportunities. Ultimately, Red Rocks provides the foundation needed for academic achievement and self-guided learning with just the right amount of support.

#4 Washtenaw Community College  –        Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan is well-known for its accredited colleges and universities from Michigan State to the University of Michigan, MIT, and Ferris State; educational opportunities are plentiful in this beautiful state. Washtenaw Community College is a 2-year college that offers up to four different motorcycle mechanic school and technician programs. To get certified, the areas of instruction focus on diagnostics, troubleshooting, servicing, and repair of motorcycles. Specifically, one will learn to repair transmissions, brakes, suspensions, induction and electrical systems, and final drive systems.

The end goal at Washtenaw is to prep students for the motorcycle technician certification test. From receiving hands-on training to service department operations skills, this program truly trains a capable motorcycle mechanic who can handle any 2- and 4-cylinder engine that crosses their path.

#5 State Technical College of Missouri       –        Linn, Missouri

According to various evaluation criteria, the State Technical College of Missouri has the best motorcycle mechanic school program in the country. Located in Osage County, State Tech is 3rd in terms of the best colleges in the nation. The Powersports technology program offers students the opportunity to think critically and advance their technical skills. At State Tech, not only will you learn to diagnose, service, and repair motorcycles, but you do so in one of the most advanced college lab settings. This Powersports technology degree is the only motorcycle mechanic school program of its kind.

State Tech has a stellar reputation, consistently producing highly employable professionals with the certification they need for two-stroke and four-stroke gas engines, along with various other types of outdoor power, and Powersports equipment. By earning an associate degree from this motorcycle mechanic school’s program, you face nothing but promising opportunities.

Kickstart your Career with the Best Motorcycle Mechanic School Education Possible

In the end, your professional success revolves around the quality of your prerequisites. Motorcycle mechanic jobs are, of course, on the technical end of the professional spectrum. As such, your specialized training and certifications should be on par with current qualifications. By guaranteeing your admittance to an accredited, motorcycle mechanic school’s program, you unlock the potential to achieve your goals in the motorcycle industry. We urge you to check out these motorcycle mechanic schools and do your research before applying. Ultimately, your education will guide you toward future success as a motorcycle technician.


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