About Riverside Harley-Davidson

Join one of the fastest growing and top performing Harley-Davidson dealer groups in the country.  Work in a fun industry that allows you to fulfill customers dreams on a daily basis.  As Michael Veracka grows his family of dealerships (largest West Coast Harley-Davidson dealer group), it allows him the opportunity to bring on board the most talented people in the industry.  Experienced or not, don’t be afraid to apply, Michael’s Harley-Davidson dealerships are built on training our own; you will not be denied the opportunity simply because you haven’t done it before.

Michael Veracka’s current family of dealerships include 6 of the top 15 volume Harley-Davidson dealerships (600+ total dealerships) in the country.  Combined with his brother’s, Paul Veracka, east coast Harley-Davidson dealerships, the Veracka Family operates 12 of the top 15 volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country.

  • Rawhide Harley-Davidson (Olathe, KS) - #1 in Kansas
  • Avalanche Harley-Davidson (Golden, CO) - #1 in Colorado
  • Riverside Harley-Davidson (Riverside, CA) - #1 in California & US
  • Huntington Beach Harley-Davidson (Westminster, CA) #2 in California
  • Jet City Harley-Davidson (Renton, WA) - #1 in Pacific NW
  • Desert Wind Harley-Davidson (Mesa, AZ) - #1 in Arizona
  • Volcano Harley-Davidson (Vancouver, WA) - Newest Dealer in the State
  • Heritage Harley-Davidson (Lisle, IL) - Newest Dealer in the State!