What Does a Motorcycle Mechanic Job Do

What Does a Motorcycle Mechanic Do?

Motorcycle mechanic duties and responsibilities are an essential part of the motorcycle mechanic’s job. Ranging from preventative maintenance to oil changes and motorcycle tune-ups, motorcycle mechanic duties and responsibilities are plentiful, making them somewhat of a backbone to the rest of a shop or larger operation. From routine maintenance to complete overhauls, the motorcycle mechanic job is an exciting one that is constantly growing and expanding with the growth of technology and new systems that are greener and more eco-friendly.

Motorcycle Mechanic Job Description

The motorcycle mechanic job is one that requires consistent study and a firm grasp on up-to-date knowledge of mechanical aspects, similar to a motorcycle engineering job.

If you are new to the idea that you might want to become a motorcycle mechanic, you are naturally curious in regard to what motorcycle mechanic duties and responsibilities look like. From dealing with concerned customers to in-depth repairs and servicing, your day can be as diverse as the bike world itself. In order to help you decide whether this is a road on which you would like to travel, we have outlined below several pertinent motorcycle mechanic job duties. Read on to get a taste of what life is like for a motorcycle mechanic.

Motorcycle Mechanic Duties: The Specifics

When one hears the word mechanic many believe that there’s not much more to it than just that – mechanics. They do not understand the depth of the work. While the assumption that the motorcycle mechanic job is as simple as that, many do not realize all that one is responsible for.

General Repair and Maintenance

We would be remiss if we did not first cover this typical and more obvious task. Naturally, a motorcycle mechanic’s focus is on servicing bikes so that they perform at optimal levels. General motorcycle repair and maintenance entails adjusting and replacing spark plugs, brakes, ignition points, changing oil, and repairing transmissions. Then, of course, there are more major repairs including the complete overhaul of small engines.

Minor Repairs

Sometimes a bike only needs minor repairs from accidents and other incidents. This can mean many things from knocking out dents to repairing scratches and fenders.  

Replacing Defective Parts

Whether you have a Harley Davidson job, or work at the local hometown shop, replacing defective parts is an additional task that must be done as needed. These parts include but are not limited to magnetos, carburetors, generators, and more. It also means dismantling engines in order to get to the root of the problem.

Valve and Cylinder Work

One removes cylinder heads, scrapes off carbon, and grinds valves as well as replacing defective valves, cylinders and rings, and pistons through the use of different hand and power tools.


Subassemblies must be repaired and adjusted as is necessary from time to time. This includes forks, brakes, transmissions, and drive chains. One is also tasked with reassembling and testing entire subassembly units as well as examining parts on a regular basis to ensure they are in optimum condition.

Taking on the Motorcycle Mechanic Duties

Now that you are enlightened on motorcycle mechanic job duties, we bet you cannot wait to get started. As a lover of small engines, being a motorcycle mechanic means repairing and even building engines from the ground up, keeping those engines happy and roaring. At motorcycleindustryjobs.com you will discover motorcycle mechanic jobs found both in and around your area, helping you take the next step in your career.


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