Harley Davidson Mechanic Job Requirements

Top Harley Davidson Mechanic Job Requirements

Harley Davidson Motors is a long-standing American made company that got its start in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They made their debut alongside Indian Motors amid the Great Depression, ultimately surviving with an impressive amount of success. From the Great Depression to two world wars, Harley Davidson is the epitome of freedom on two wheels. Due to their mounting success and worker-friendly business approach, it is easy to see why so many strive to achieve a Harley Davidson technician job. Naturally, there are several requirements one must possess to land Harley Davidson technician jobs. With our guidance, we aim to help get you on the path towards becoming a top-notch Harley mechanic.

So, what is it precisely that Harley Davidson Motors looks for in potential employees? More importantly, what does it take to a Harley Davidson mechanic job? First and foremost, love and passion for the trade is what fuels their incredibly successful business, derived directly from its employees. The company itself values service and performance above all, keeping up with only the highest of industry standards. If you think you have what it takes to get a Harley Davidson mechanic job, read on and discover some of the top Harley Davidson mechanic job requirements. From technical training to physical certification, we are here to guide you through the steps to getting one of the most coveted Harley Davidson jobs.

A High School Diploma

While this might not initially sound like a necessity, nowadays, you need a diploma for most of the professional positions out there. If you happen to have a GED instead of a diploma, this is sometimes acceptable if you have all the proper training and certifications. There are many reasons, however, why so many companies require high school diplomas, primarily because a diploma gets you job-ready fast, gaining and understanding essential skills and values one needs to work with the general public. Perhaps what is most notable about the possession of a diploma is that it also allows the employee to earn more money right off the bat.

Proper Training Programs

If your dream is to get a Harley Davidson mechanic job, you absolutely must have the appropriate training under your belt. There are many schools out there with more than reputable motorcycle mechanic programs, and it is within these institutions one gains their technical training. Motorcycle mechanic programs are fortunately quite abundant in most cities, some based out of college environments and some within more vocational type institutes. The training you will receive is specific to Harley and all their nuances and signature style. We recommend looking into your local community colleges and vocational schools to get started. Whether you choose a two- or four-year degree, this is the pathway for growth within the motorcycle industry. If you have some flexibility, we put together this list of top motorcycle mechanic schools in the US.

Harley Davidson Technician Job Certification Requirements

Certifications for Harley Davidson technician jobs include attending the appropriate courses relevant to Harley engines. Certification and licensure can mean many things; however, one is a qualified candidate when they have the proper Harley Davidson-specific know-how. In terms of certifications, it ranges from certification through the candidates’ state, as well as the appropriate licensure. This effort is the way to prove your competent mechanic skills and technical knowledge, relevant to that of Harley Davidson Motors.


Many industries that focus on technical or service-based professions require their employees to have completed an apprenticeship—Harley Davidson motorcycle mechanic jobs included. Naturally, this hands-on training allows the motorcycle mechanic to hone his or her skills in a one-on-one setting, working alongside an experienced professional. With a registered apprenticeship program, you will earn money while preparing for a Harley Davidson mechanic job. Apprenticeships can range from 2- to 4-years, completely rounding off your Harley expertise.

A Polished Resume

You have become certified, licensed, and completed your apprenticeship, what’s next in your quest to procurement of one of many Harley Davidson technician jobs? It is time to get your qualifications together and prepare a top-notch motorcycle mechanic resume and cover letter that showcases your abilities and overall objectives. Use this opportunity to highlight your troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repair know-how, along with your long-term goals.

Becoming a Harley Davidson Technician

Getting a Harley Davidson technician job takes a whole lot of hard work and schooling. If you’re interested, here we expand on becoming a Harley mechanic at the various levels one can attain.

Once you have received all the technical training and certifications one needs, the only thing standing between you and a Harley technician job is drive and determination. Once you can unlock those characteristics on top of your training, your future can ultimately be limitless within your motorcycle career.

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