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Steer Your Career Forward with Non-Riding Motorcycle Jobs

Welcome to the second installment of our series on riding and non-riding motorcycle jobs! The first part covered careers that put you right in the saddle. But what if you’re the kind who loves keeping their motorcycle hobby separate, not wanting to mix work and fun? If you’ve been thinking about how to blend your enthusiasm into motorcycle jobs without blurring those lines, you’re in the right place. There’s a whole world of non-riding roles in the motorcycle industry. From finance to marketing, and management to sales, MIJ has plenty of motorcycle jobs to keep you connected without mixing business and your personal riding time.

Two Wheels or None, Your Ride Towards a Fulfilling Career Starts Now

When it comes to motorcycle jobs, the opportunities are as diverse as the bikes themselves. Finding the perfect balance between your professional journey and your love for motorcycles has never been easier, thanks to a wide array of roles tailored to every enthusiast.

Whether you dream of crunching numbers in finance or strategizing a marketing campaign, MIJ is your trusted source for a fulfilling career. While you might not be on the saddle at work, the right motorcycle jobs can put you firmly in the driver’s seat of your career, allowing you to save the pure joy of riding for your leisure time.

Dealership Finance F&I

For those who love motorcycles but prefer to stay off the saddle at work, dealership finance F&I jobs offer a rewarding career path. Here, you’ll serve as the critical link between customers and their dream bikes. You’ll assess creditworthiness, process loan applications, and collaborate with banks or other financial institutions as part of these motorcycle jobs. And with a detailed understanding of loan terms and rates, you’ll be the go-to resource for helping customers understand their financing options.

Inside Sales

While many roles exist within motorcycle dealerships, from accessories sales to service management, there’s a unique space carved out for inside sales jobs. These roles, although not strictly categorized under dealership positions, are instrumental in connecting motorcycle brands with their audience. If you’re good at building relationships and helping customers find their favorite and best-suited bikes and gear without necessarily being on the showroom floor, keep your eyes open for a good fit. Whether in a dealership or behind the scenes in an office, there are plenty of rewarding opportunities on MIJ.

Office Manager

As an office manager, you’ll find yourself at the helm of daily operations. From administrative tasks like paperwork and scheduling to managing office supplies and overseeing a team, office managers are responsible for keeping the dealership or company operating efficiently. And though you won’t get on a bike as part of these motorcycle jobs, your impact on the organization will be significant.

Motorcycle Marketing

From defining a brand’s audiences to developing the strategy to execute the marketing mix, a role in motorsport marketing jobs means you’ll be responsible for promoting bikes or biking gear. You’ll be deeply involved in the industry and may handle anything from promoting or launching specific products to reaching new markets. Though it may not include revving engines, these marketing jobs are central to accelerating brand recognition and customer engagement.

Motorcycle Parts Sales

In motorcycle jobs dealing with parts sales, you’ll become the authority on a wide range of bike components and manage an extensive inventory. You’ll also consult with customers, helping them choose the right components for their specific needs. An important responsibility of these motorcycle jobs is explaining the function and benefits of various components. Even though you won’t be the one riding, your expert guidance ensures that others can take to the open road with confidence and enjoyment.

Ready to pave your own road to success by exploring motorcycle jobs in the industry? At MIJ, we specialize in matching enthusiasts like you with career paths from warehouse manager jobs to service manager and Honda Jobs to KTM Jobs, that turn a love for bikes into a fulfilling profession. So, whether your dream role involves getting hands-on with engines or diving into data analytics, there are motorcycle jobs for you. Don’t wait—submit your motorcycle application now. Start your career engine with MIJ to find rewarding motorcycle jobs today!


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