Motorcycle Technician Job Requirements

Standard Motorcycle Technician Job Requirements

When getting ready to pursue a new job, especially when it comes to motorcycle technician jobs, it is imperative for one to investigate all the job requirements in preparation. After all, the best way to get picked for any of the motorcycle technician jobs out there, is by delivering on qualifications, knowledge, and experience. Setting yourself apart from the rest of the motorheads in an industry such as this will ultimately get you noticed and hired. As such, gaining the proper technician training and expertise is imperative for gaining the advantage in this competitive market.

What are a Motorcycle Technician’s Typical Duties?

Day to day motorcycle technician jobs entail maintenance, repair, and sometimes the complete overhaul of small engines. From motorcycles to mopeds and everything in-between, a mechanic or technician performs several routine tasks from replacing spark plugs to changing oil, performing minor body repairs, and working on transmissions etc.

Having a motorcycle technician job can lead to very exciting job opportunities with plenty of room for growth. Like starting a new Harley Davidson career, or getting a job at Yamaha, or even employment with Indian motorcycle . All these top companies have plenty of employment prospects and they are found all over the world. That said, let’s get started with some of the typical motorcycle technician job requirements and how can one get moving down this exciting and fulfilling career path?

Motorcycle Technician Job Prerequisites

Much like most industries out there, one needs at least a high school diploma or GED certificate before looking into any motorcycle technician jobs and seriously submitting a motorcycle application. While this is not a universal truth, it is more common than not. A high school diploma or GED gives you, the candidate, the steppingstone you need to expand your education into the motorcycle industry, gaining higher forms of education and training.

Education and Training

Exploring a bit deeper into the requirements of motorcycle technician jobs, one needs the proper education and training. This means getting the proper certification in motorcycle maintenance. There are several ways to go about receiving the proper education. With motorcycle mechanic training courses being offered at state and community colleges as well as local technical or vocational schools, it is typically quite convenient to enter technician school.

As you can see, a post-secondary degree level is highly recommended if not required for many motorcycle technician jobs. It is not uncommon for qualified applicants to additionally hold an associate degree. The technical training is so important for several reasons, primarily because the technician must not only repair, but also be able to troubleshoot problems in the first place. A simple online search for motorcycle technician training near you will point you in the direction of all your local options for furthering your education. The next thing you know, you will find yourself one step closer to fulfilling the role of an expert technician.

Your New Beginning in a Motorcycle Technician Job

Getting a motorcycle technician job is a long-time dream of many who like getting their hands dirty working on small engines of all kinds. Whether it be motorcycles, scooters, or any number of other small engines, receiving the proper training and education is the ticket. The motorcycle industry is broad with a plethora of positions for motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds. Getting a motorcycle technician job is only the beginning.



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