Spotlighting Scott Link and Helmet House

The motorcycle industry thrives on both the thrill of riding and the rewarding career paths it offers. Enthusiasts eager to transform their passion into motorcycle jobs, including roles in marketing, sales and operations, will find companies like Helmet House leading the charge. With over five decades of experience, Helmet House has carved out a significant niche in the industry, providing not just top-tier riding gear but also contributing to the growth of motorcycle jobs across the nation. From its modest beginnings to becoming a key player in the motorcycle jobs market, we’ll take a look at the remarkable journey of Helmet House.

The Evolution of Helmet House

In the late 1960s, Bob Miller and Phil Bellomy set off on a venture that would redefine the motorcycle gear distribution industry. Since its start, Helmet House’s journey from selling helmets at swap meets to becoming a premier distributor of iconic brands such as Shoei Helmets and HJC Helmets highlights its pivotal role in expanding motorcycle jobs across the United States.

Scott Link’s Experience Leads Helmet House to New Heights

In 2019, Scott Link brought his extensive experience from Alpinestars to lead the sales, marketing, and merchandising efforts at Helmet House. His 20-plus years as Director of Sales-North America at Alpinestars were marked by transforming it into a leading motorsports brand.

Beyond his professional achievements, Scott is also a passionate motorcycle enthusiast. He has a particular fondness for flat track racing—a sport that thrives on the same principles of speed, precision, and excitement that he brings to his role at Helmet House. This personal passion for the thrills of motorcycle racing underscores his deep connection to the industry and enriches his leadership at Helmet House.

Helmet House Headquarters in Calabasas Hills, California. Photo Credit: Helmet House

Joining forces with Scott in steering Helmet House into its future was Dave Bertram, an icon within the industry and founder of the multi-state motorcycle store chain, Cycle Gear. Bertram’s decision to co-lead Helmet House alongside Scott has melded a powerhouse of industry knowledge and passion, setting the stage for unparalleled growth and innovation.

Under their stewardship, Helmet House has continued to forge key partnerships with trailblazing brands like Sidi Boots, Fasthouse, Kriega, 100%, and Cardo Systems. These alliances have not only diversified the company’s portfolio but have also brought pioneering technologies and premium gear to the market, improving safety and the riding experience as well as supporting the growth of motorcycle jobs.

Moreover, these strategic moves have carved out new avenues for motorcycle jobs and established a new standard for innovation and growth across the sector.  From supply chain jobs to motorsport marketing jobs, Helmet House has been instrumental in creating diverse roles in motorcycle jobs throughout the industry.

Fueling Personal Ambitions in Motorcycle Jobs

At Helmet House, careers in motorcycle jobs go beyond the ordinary. From entry-level to leadership positions, the story of Scott Link underscores the vast potential for upward mobility in motorcycle jobs at Helmet House. More than employment, they are also platforms for personal and professional advancement.

A Variety of Opportunities at Helmet House

Helmet House influences a broad spectrum of motorcycle jobs, reaching far beyond the expected. Opportunities range from inside sales jobs and customer service to positions in finance and parts management. There are also motorcycle jobs with Helmet House in digital arenas like social media marketing jobs and warehouse manager jobs. This commitment to quality and innovation is reflected not only in their products but in fostering a culture that champions excellence and has made their motorcycle jobs synonymous with exceptional standards and deep satisfaction. Helmet House’s influence plays a crucial role not just in driving sales but in cultivating a safer, more innovative riding culture.

Level Up Your Career with Helmet House

For those driven by excellence and seeking motorcycle jobs in an evolving and exciting field, Helmet House offers the perfect opportunity. There, you’ll join a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to shaping the future of motorcycle jobs and the powersports industry as a whole.

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