Field Service Technicians are responsible for supporting, training, and assisting dealers and customers with the diagnosis and repair of vehicles in the field and at the factory service center(s). Technicians ensure that all maintenance, warranty, and repair work is completed in a timely and high-quality manner.  Travel is expected as technicians arrange for on-site dealer support and arrange for single dealer and multi dealer training opportunities.

This field role requires up to 70% travel within an assigned region. You will be expected to work hand-in-hand with dealer technicians who will learn from your expertise. Where particularly difficult repair issues are identified, you will travel to the location of the motorcycle to facilitate repairs. In instances where Zero Motorcycles needs on-site technical support to document an issue with a motorcycle, you will travel to the location of the motorcycle to gather more information. Ultimately, you will represent Zero Motorcycles as a field expert in the service and maintenance of Zero Motorcycles.

Ideally candidates will be located in the state of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut.

Key Responsibilities
·   Be the primary contact for technical support and technical case management for dealership service staff in your assigned region.
·  Assist in diagnosing problems with Zero motorcycles accurately and clearly describe them in Technical Cases and/or Repair Orders.
·  Assist dealers with determining correct part numbers to facilitate repairs and work within department processes to ensure orders are processed and shipped in a timely manner.
·  Be an expert knowledge source for dealers in the use of our Dealer Portal interface, diagnostic and special tools, technical cases, warranty claims, parts selection, and ordering.
·  Efficiently complete all service work that you are involved with and ensure high quality repairs that minimize chance of return while documenting repairs via field reporting expectations.
·  Promptly notify the Factory Service Manager and/or Customer Service Manager of any changes, delays or additional work needed to vehicles being repaired or where a delay in repair may be experienced.
·  Follow internal procedures for quick and efficient handling of warranty items, including the proper return of these items to the appropriate engineering teams for analysis.
·  Travel to dealerships and throughout the region to provide technical training in single dealership and multi dealer formats as well as coordinating with our sales team members to ensure dealer compliance with technical training.

Required Experience
·  Demonstrable knowledge and experience with servicing motorcycles especially electric vehicles and Zero Motorcycles in particular
·  Experience using standard electronic test instruments
·  Proficient using hand and power tools
·  Ability to use basic computer applications

Skills and Attributes
·  Must be customer-focused and service-oriented
·  Exceptional communication standards in written, phone and in person formats
·  Able to multi-task on several projects and collaborate with others
· Able to prioritize work and escalate issues to the appropriate parties as necessary

Other Requirements
·  Licensed and experienced motorcycle rider
·  Clean driving record and ability to transport motorcycles
·  Valid passport and ability to travel internationally
·  Up to 70% travel may be required

Physical and Sensory Requirements:
·  Candidate must be able to stand for long periods of time to perform duties, and to walk around and make inquiries from other staff, management as needed.
·  Must be able to bend or stoop down to work on motorcycles and pick up parts, including lifting of items or objects up to 50 lbs.