Multi dealer group is looking for a highly motivated, team driven sales manager for a large volume Harley-Davidson dealership located in the Southeast. Candidates must have proven leadership skills, proven track record and the ability to develop a sales team. The sales manager is responsible for producing a profitable sales department, outstanding customer experience, and retaining a trained knowledgeable staff.


Major Duties and Responsibilities


1) Sales Department Operations

·     Oversee and manage all operations of new and pre-owned vehicles.

·     Ensure sales department contributes acceptable levels of gross and net profit.

·     Ensure sales personnel are well trained, motivated, and available when needed.

·     Determine sales quota’s for sales personnel in accordance to their skill levels.

·     Oversee sales, trade-ins, and delivery of all new and used vehicles.

·     Maintain a sales history and/or vehicle history log book.

·     Establish realistic forecasts.

·     Initiate and maintain an inventory control system along with net profit objectives which eliminate the possibility of “lower than anticipated” profits.

·     Become familiar and efficient with all phases of the computer system required for sales management.

·     Establish procedures to ensure timely and proper completion of all paperwork.

·     Maintain showroom with a variety of vehicles set-up with different accessories and paint schemes, displayed in a well lighted environment which draws customers.

·     Maintain clean efficient facilities.

2) Customer Service

·     Provide prompt, dependable, high quality, vehicle sales to customers by using current pro-active feature benefit sales techniques.

·     Greet customers immediately, in a courteous and friendly manner.

·     Handle telephone transactions quickly, and courteously.

·     Ensure customers are properly qualified for needs, wants, and ability to buy.

·     Institute a feature / benefit selling methodology so that all customers receive consistent treatment when doing business.

·     Ensure cross sales of P&A, financing, general merchandise, warranties, HOG Dues, insurance products and services.

·     Develop and ensure use of a common and consistent quotation methodology for vehicle sales, trade-ins and purchases.

·     Establish and ensure road test, pre-delivery inspection, and vehicle delivery policies and procedures are followed.

·     Handle customer complaints reasonably, showing empathy and a positive attitude, and demonstrate our commitment to “Make Things Right”.
3) Management

·      Maintain sales follow‑up programs.

·      Maintain budgeted revenue and expense objectives.

·      Develop promotional campaigns in conjunction with the parts and service departments.

·      Maintain efficiency reports on sales representatives.

·      Provide reports to GM, as requested.

·      Develop monthly and annual objectives for the department in collaboration with GM.

·      Attend training sessions to keep current with sales department issues.

4) Other Duties

·     As necessary

Supervisory Responsibilities


·        Establish departmental work schedule, balancing the work load of all employees.

·        Train Sales Representatives to use consistent and current sales methodologies.

·        Set policies and procedures for sales department.

·        Manage employee performance (evaluate and council) and conduct performance reviews in a timely manner.

·        Assist with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and terminating employees.

·        Forward records of all employee performance reviews, disciplinary actions, job promotions, pay adjustments and letters of recommendation to appropriate personnel for placement in personnel files.

·        Provide training for all sales employees (seminars; workshops; sales schools, etc.).


·      Treat all employees and customers fairly, courteously, and with dignity.

·      Model superior customer service behavior for all sales personnel by maintaining positive relationships with customers, employees GM and owner(s).

·      Remain current with all sales department training available by reviewing ProSell & P.A.C.E. tapes and attending seminars, workshops, and other related training programs.

·      Be prompt and available for flexible scheduling.

·      Be honest and fair in all business dealings.

·      Demonstrate an interest in growing the sales business.

·      Focus on quality.