Salary Range: $1,000 paid weekly to start

We are V-Twin Collective, a busy HD repair facility seeking a Master-tech, or someone of equal experience to join our team and excel with us. We recently received our ‘automotive dealers license’ and are in the process of transitioning into a ‘Motorcycle dealership’.  With 18+ years in the corporate dealership world, we are familiar with the pitfalls and common complaints that many people have regarding working for a corporation. V-Twin Collective is locally, family owned, and treats it’s employees with a tremendous amount of respect & appreciation. We are looking for someone 1) Who can do the job. 2) Is able to appreciate what a great place this is to work at, based on everything we have to offer and how well we treat not only our customers, but our employees as well.

We only work 7 hours on Saturdays, you will get paid for 8 hours (every Saturday)
Once a month you will get a paid 3 day weekend (Go somewhere, rest up, spend more time with the family)
2 Weeks vacation to start, that does not take away from your 3 day weekends, short Saturdays or sick time

About V-Twin Collective LLC

V-Twin Collective is growing and we are looking to add to our team. Seeking either a qualified HD technician or the right person to apprentice/train.