Founded in 2011, Rottweiler Performance has become a leading motorcycle aftermarket product manufacturer and online KTM motorcycle parts distribution warehouse delivering high quality in-house brand products and aftermarket branded parts.


We are looking for two customer support representatives to manage email, phone and walk in communications with existing customers, potential new customers and dealers involving technical support, product knowledge, product issue support, sales entries and returns.


Who are we looking for? We are looking for a vibrant personality with a passion for the sport that shines in everything they do. You must be skilled in dealing with multiple types of personalities in order to find a common bond with the customer, make them feel comfortable and not oversold, and help them find the direction that they are looking for by professionally answering their technical questions about our products and services while politely informing them of items that may benefit them depending on what model they own and what they are looking to get from the bike.


What you will represent: The Sales Manager is the front line of Rottweiler Performance. What this means is that you are often the first experience that a potential customer will have with us. Poise, professionalism, respect and understanding is paramount. You are the front line of the company and the hub in which incoming information is dispersed through.


Mechanical background: You must have at least a medium or higher level of mechanical ability in order to understand the nature of what you will be representing. You do not need to be a professional mechanic by trade, but have a good understanding of how items physically change the motorcycle and their benefits, both pros and cons. Phone calls can be technical in nature and a firm understanding of what you are discussing is paramount. You will be trained as well as provided study material.


This includes:

A good understanding of motorcycle engines and how they operate (Specifically KTM)
Fuel injection, fuel mapping and how Dynojet mapping products and their peripherals work.


Primary Responsibilities:

Respond to all incoming phone calls and emails. This will include:
Technical questions about Rottweiler Performance products, other aftermarket items that we carry.
Technical assistance with installations.
Forwarding any phone calls or emails to the correct department.
Entertain walk in clients with their questions while being the face of Rottweiler Performance with charisma and professionalism.
Work with customers and the mechanic staff to coordinate installations.
Handle returns
Map Power Commander V units (will train)


What Rottweiler Performance Offers You:

Full-time position
Employee discounts
Great work/life balance
Vacation/Sick Time off
An amazing place to work!
As part of the hiring process, most applicants that pass the initial Resume/CV screening phase are required to pass an assessment test for the job position they are applying for.


Please contact us through email at jobs@rottweilerperformance.com.

IMPORTANT! Please include the words ‘customer support representative 1’ in the title of the email before sending.


Job Type: Full-time 8am-5pm M-F

Overtime: Occasionally asked/expected

Location: Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA

About Rottweiler Performance

Founded in 2012, Rottweiler Performance is a leading motorcycle aftermarket product, one- click shopping experience oriented and excellent customer service reputation, delivering high quality products to our customers, a motivated and driven company that has a positive work environment