Mobile Motorcycle Technician/Mechanic

$40,000 – $80,000 guaranteed yearly salary

No Tools Needed!

What we offer:

Full time position with potential overtime, Flexible Scheduling, Paid Lunches, Endless Promotional opportunities, Training provided, Comfortable, safe and engaging work environment, never a dull moment, leave your tools at home, guaranteed minimum $50,000 yearly salary, weekly paychecks, benefits, this job is cool and fun…..totally a game changing career move!

What we need:

Positive Attitude, Responsible work ethic, Intelligence, Problem solver, Willingness to grow, Customer oriented, Electrical Diagnosis, Mechanical ICE Diagnosis, Multiple Brand Experience, Fabrication Capabilities, Excellent Driving Record, Motorcycle License and Insurance, Legal US Citizen

Nomads Mobile Motorcycle Service is a unique mobile mechanic service for motorcycles and their owners. Nomads has been growing like a weed for over 5 years and we need quality people to keep the momentum going. Nomads is not your typical dealer or indie shop as working with us will challenge your skills, keep you on your feet, charge your career and provide endless opportunities to apply yourself, implement your ideas, and have a ton of fun at work!

Email us your resume at nomadsmms@gmail.com. If you have any questions, text or call us at 615-436-2453. Check us out on google maps or our website at www.nomadsmms.com