Do you want to be around the moto stuff all of the time? And get paid for talking about moto? What if that place was the coolest moto store around? Then it’s your lucky day.

MotoXtremes is looking for one (or two) excellent people to join the team. One, we want someone that is a dedicated Sales Professional or someone with the willingness and energy to learn to be a great salesperson. We will show you the way. Attitude is the most important part. We have a super fun atmosphere and want someone that keeps it going.

Also, we are looking to add some that can do small, simple mechanical jobs as well as tire changes. While you need to have the skills to do the work, we want someone that has a fun and engaging personality with the customers. It’s moto at the end of the day and we have to keep our customers coming back. So bring the fun.

Stop in if you are local or apply on MIJ now. We are excited to meet you.