Motorcloths/General Merchandise/Apparel Manager

Summary Description
Manages employees and operations of the General Merchandise department for our two full line Harley-Davidson dealerships located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Coordinate sales promotions and advertising with other managers.
Major Duties and Responsibilities
Ensure that personnel are well trained and available when needed for two locations
Design displays for merchandise and motor clothes
Assist staff as needed
Regulate seasonal promotions (holiday display themes, fashion shows, special events)
Review all stock orders to ensure a fast moving inventory
Supervise and maintain an accurate up-to-date inventory management & control system for two locations
Grow volume of General Merchandise sales
Maintain budgeted revenue and expense objectives
Ensure that General Merchandise department contributes acceptable levels of gross & net profit
Benchmark other retailers to determine “best practice” standards
Establish system for ordering, receiving and stocking inventory
Organize and stage events to sell merchandise
Provide reports to Dealer Principal as requested
Develop monthly and annual objectives for the department in collaboration with Dealer Principal
Provide training for all General Merchandise employees
Manage employee performance
Travel to two shows per year
Must be available to work weekends as needed
Qualifications & Job Requirements
B.A. or B.S. in Fashion Design, Marketing, or similar field of study is preferred
Experience with retail sales and inventory management
Experience with Point-of-Sale and management computer software including inventory control
Strong communication skills
Be prompt and available for flexible scheduling
Experience with Motorcycles is preferred
Physical Demands
Occasionally required to bend, stoop, crouch, and lift 40 lb. of material