Kreft Moto and CushCore, sister companies located in Bend, Oregon, are seeking a full-time Suspension Development Engineer to join our team.

Core duties of the Suspension Development Engineer include:

a)    Design, prototype, and test complete motorcycle suspension components and performance-enhancing parts and sub-systems

b)    Analyze OEM suspension and chassis performance of motocross and off-road motorcycles, and of current company-developed products and settings

c)    Improve ride quality and suspension performance through manipulation of traditional tuning variables such as shim valving and chassis setup, and by altering OEM suspension design with the additional of custom parts and modifications

This is a dream job for the right person. You will work closely with a small, dedicated team of engineers, including the company founder. Our goal is to make functional products that genuinely enhance the riding experience.

Unlike at larger firms, our engineers have substantial control over the entire product development process, from idea to final product. A good engineer here can have tremendous influence on the future of our products and the direction of the company in general.


  •  BS in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  •  OEM Suspension Design & Product Development Experience
  •  CAD (we use Fusion 360)
  • Experience working with suspension dynamometers, data acquisition systems, and other suspension development equipment


  •  3+ years related engineering experience
  • Dirt bike riding or mountain bike riding experience
  • Motorcycle or bicycle industry experience
  • Experience with seal design, material selection, surface finish, processes and coatings
  • CAM for manufacturing
  • CNC lathe/milling machine programing and operation
  • Manual lathe/milling machine operation

Our Culture

Kreft Moto and CushCore are sister companies operating out of the same facility in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Both companies are young and growing rapidly. We are beginning construction of a large new headquarters facility to be completed in 2021 (in Bend).

We are distinguished by our engineering-oriented approach, with an emphasis on methodical research, development, and testing that leads to proven functional innovations. All our products undergo extensive testing and refinement. Wherever possible, we publish testing data to back our marketing claims and precisely describe the product advantages. Our products must do what they say they do.

In-house development tools include an electromagnetic suspension dyno (Roehrig EMA 2-K), CAD/CAM, CNC lathe and CNC mill, manual lathes and mill, drop test tower, profilometer, microscope, data recorder – among other toys for engineers.

Our staff is dedicated to building these companies and obsessed with building great products.  We are looking for an engineer who fits within that culture and has a similar level of passion for the sport and desire to make awesome products.

About Kreft Moto

Kreft Moto is a nationwide motorcycle suspension tuning service, WP Authorized Center, and performance products manufacturer. We specialize in motocross and off-road motorcycles and are best known for products that replace OEM damper components with ones that offer better performance, adjustability, or both (such as Revalve Control).

Racer X Magazine recently tested Kreft Moto suspension and concluded: “The best suspension I’ve ever ridden…I’m blown away.”

About CushCore

CushCore is the originator and market leader in performance mountain bike tire inserts. The product is installed inside a standard tubeless tire and fills about half the internal tire volume. It works in concert with air inflation to better absorb shock, damp vibration, and maintain cornering stability. For these reasons, the CushCore insert is nicknamed the “inner-tire suspension system.”

In 2017, CushCore earned “Product of the Year” from Vital MTB.  Since then, the technology has become dominant among professional mountain bike riders, including 2019 UCI World Cup Champion Loic Bruni, and been adopted by tens of thousands of recreational riders worldwide.

About Bend

Bend is a great place to live, especially if you enjoy outdoor recreation.  Bend is famous for skiing, mountain biking, hiking, whitewater rafting, and rock climbing.  The local schools are outstanding, and the town has a great culture including the highest number of microbreweries per capita in Oregon.


Benefits including paid vacation and holidays