We are looking for a highly motivated, knowledgeable, and sales driven person to become our Sales Manager for one of our Powersports dealerships in the Austin area to oversee the operations of the Sales Department, as well as manage the employees’ time, commissions, and their success in their sales careers.

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: Base plus commission


Health, Dental, and Vision
Company-Paid Life Insurance
Company-Paid Short Term Disability
Employee Discounts
And much more!
Job Description:

o Oversee and manage all operations of new and pre-owned units.

o Develop monthly and annual objectives for the department in collaboration with GM.

o Determine sales quotas for sales personnel in accordance to their skill levels. o Ensure sales department contributes acceptable levels of gross and net profit. o Initiate and maintain an inventory control system along with net profit objectives which eliminate the possibility of “lower than anticipated” profits.

o Oversee sales, trade-ins, and delivery of all new and used vehicles.

o Maintain a sales history and/or vehicle history log book/CRM System.

o Maintain budgeted revenue and expense objectives.

o Maintain efficiency reports on sales representatives.

o Maintain a balanced new unit inventory in proportion to sales and proper inventory mix o Provide reports to GM, as requested.

o Establish realistic forecasts.

o Establish departmental work schedule, balancing the work load of all employees. o Assist with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and terminating employees.

o Forward records of all employee performance reviews, disciplinary actions, job promotions, pay adjustments and letters of recommendation to appropriate personnel for placement in personnel files.

• Training

o Ensure sales personnel are well trained, motivated, and available when needed.

o Provide training for all sales employees (seminars; workshops; classes, etc.).

o Remain current with all sales department training available by reviewing online classes and attending seminars, workshops, and other related training programs.

o Train sales associates on the advantages/benefits of each motorcycle to assist in overcoming customer objections.

o Train sales associates to use consistent and current sales process.

o Quiz sales associates daily on their product knowledge, the sales process, walk arounds, etc.

o Set daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals for department and each sales associate.

o Track and provide direction on how sales associates should obtain their goals.

o Assemble sales associates for daily huddles and all departments for weekly meetings.

o Manage employee performance (evaluate and council) and conduct performance reviews monthly.

• Management

o Maintain a Sales Process that allows sales associates to track their progress and encourages them to move a customer from one step in the process to the next.

− Handle telephone transactions quickly, and courteously.

− Provide prompt, dependable, high quality, vehicle sales to customers by using current pro-active advantages/benefit sales techniques.

− Cultivate prospects (e.g., showroom customer follow-up, phone-in inquiries, past owners, etc.)

o Develop and ensure use of a common and consistent quotation methodology for vehicle sales, trade-ins and purchases.

o Establish procedures to ensure timely and proper completion of all paperwork. o Initiate procedures for quick and efficient handling of warranty items, including tagging and proper storage of these items.

o Establish and ensure test ride, pre-delivery inspection, and vehicle delivery policies and procedures are followed.

o Develop promotional campaigns in conjunction with the parts and service departments.

o Maintain clean efficient facilities.

o Maintain showroom with a variety of vehicles set-up with different accessories and paint schemes, displayed in a well-lighted environment which draws customers.

o Ensure cross sales of P&A, financing, general merchandise, warranties, insurance products and services.


In the Fall of 1929, a brave entrepreneur opened the first Harley-Davidson® motorcycle dealership in Dallas, Texas...and simply called it “Harley-Davidson® of Dallas.” His name is lost to history; searches of old Dallas business archives and the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company archives come up with nothing but a start date and general address of Main and Elm.  Of course the first Harley® motorcycle dealership in town would be located in Deep Ellum...just makes sense, doesn't it? A kind gentleman has recently sent us the information that the original address was 2824 Main St., on the Southwest corner of Oakland and Main Streets.) What doesn't make sense is that brave entrepreneur obviously prospered in a time when the Great Depression rocked the nation…he bet on a winner, and what a winner Harley-Davidson® motorcycles have turned out to be!

The shop has been owned by a handful of people over the last 80 years, and they’ve all believed solidly in Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and the great country that birthed them. It moved out of that little shop in Deep Ellum, where we’ve been told by some “old timers” they used to hang out on Saturday, and lean over the chain that separated the Sales Department from the Service Department. Eddie Conley moved the dealership from its downtown location to one on Plano Road in 1974, and in 1985 it moved again to Shiloh Road. In 1999, then-owners moved the motorcycle shop north to Allen, Texas and everyone thought they were crazy...the only things in Allen, TX at that time were cow pastures and farms. Today, it's a thriving community with neighborhoods, fantastic restaurants and shopping, and one of the best High School football teams in the State of Texas.