Join us as we dominate Kansas City!

We are growing fast and are searching for more technicians in the Service Department at Gail’s Harley-Davidson. We’re looking for a certified technician but we also have a badass training process!

What’s required?
A great attitude
A desire to work
A “no excuses” outlook
An ability to learn quickly
A pep in your step!

We will teach you how to dominate the motorcycle service industry in Kansas City
We will teach you how to make people respond to you in a positive way
We will train you as if you are getting a Bachelors Degree in life!

You will soon feel better about yourself, you will be making good money, you will have a stronger circle of influence, you will have a larger network, and you will know Motorcycles inside and out.

If you’re interested, call me, Kenny, THIS WEEK at 816-966-2222