Salary Range: Up to $75K / Annual

Fredericktown Yamaha is seeking a full-time powersport technician. A-level preferred (with certifications).  Will also consider B & C level technician that is able to continue their training.  Our A-level tech can achieve $75,000 per year based on their experience level and hours billed on a flat rate pay system. We offer a competitive compensation package that includes available vacation time, sick time and employee purchasing discounts. Our pay plan can be set up on a flat rate system or straight hourly paid based on experience.

Contact Ian Riley at (301) 663-8333 ext 1005 or ian@fredericktownyamaha.com.

Salary Range: Up to $75,000 per year

Dealership Hours: Tues – Fri: 10am to 6pm, Sat.: 10am – 4pm, Closed Sun and Monday.

Now that you know the details about the job, you might ask “why do I want to work for Frederick Yamaha?” Here are the nuts and bolts of us. We are family-owned store that has been doing this since 1975. It may sound cliche but we have a total passion for this industry and the people that walk through our door. That also goes for the people that work for Fredericktown Yamaha… they become part of our family. Always have, always will. So why would you want to work for us? Because it is simply more than a job. It’s a lifestyle.