Well, ya tired of the “factory” telling you you can’t do cool shit anymore? Done putting on do-dads and do-hickies? Does the thought of 3M sticky chrome make you feel dirty? Wanna continue your love and passion of Working on, and actuality building ground up motorcycles, not throwing HD approved, EPA safe space parts at an engine and calling it a “custom.”

So here’s the skinny…

We here at Faith Forgotten Choppers are looking to bring on a new family member to add to and compliment our growing service department. Will Ramsey has poured 10 years of blood, sweat and shit tons of money into an independent shop that is changing the game and industry we all love. We are driven by education and actually doing right by the motorcycle. Making it run as it was designed, not candy coating it, never saying “it is what it is.”  Will’s design and skills in the frame industry are unmatched, not to mention his award winning springer design, welding, and machine work. If you ever wanted to build, weld, machine, or fabricate, Faith Forgotten Choppers is the place.

Will is and has been the tech article writer and editor  for Cycle Source Magazine for the past 7 years. Those articles come out of this shop. Our service department has the proper equipment, proper tools, state of the art Dyno, Dyno cell, CNC mill and CNC lathe and the best computer systems. We pride ourselves on actually tuning our customers motorcycle and not just downloading them with inferior products.

Visit the web site, check out the facebook, look at the Instragram, break free of the “told to do’s.” and fall back in love with the bikes again.


About Faith Forgotten Choppers

At Faith Forgotten Choppers, we believe that form follows function, but more importantly, we denounce the concept of form following precedent. The parts we fabricate and the bikes we build are designed with an emphasis on function and style. Using 100% American materials and labor, Faith Forgotten Choppers' products will outlast the road. As builders, fabricators and designers, we are committed to making quality products from the ground up, pushing our work in new directions and allowing the past to influence our work, but never dictate it.