Do you love motorcycles? Are you curious, adventurous, and hard-working? Do you love a challenge? Are you creative, detail-oriented, and good at solving problems? Are you experienced at creating written and visual content for multiple platforms, including print, web, and social? Do you love to travel and go on multi-day motorcycle adventures? Do you want to get paid to do so?

EPG Media & Specialty Information is hiring a full-time, remote (within Southern California; see below) content creator/editor to work for its two consumer motorcycle publications: Rider, a street-focused, all-brand motorcycle magazine that specializes in travel and adventure, and Thunder Press, a street-focused American V-twin magazine. Both magazines publish 12 monthly issues and produce content for websites, buyers guides, social media platforms, videos and podcasts.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

●     Researching, writing, and revising original features, road tests, travel stories, product reviews, news items, etc.

●     Representing magazines at press launches, industry events, shows, etc. (approx. 25% travel required)

●     Testing motorcycles, including riding, research, modeling for photo/video shoots, having test bikes dyno tested, measuring fuel consumption and wet weight, etc.

●     Testing motorcycle apparel, products, parts, and accessories, including research, writing, installation, evaluation, photography, and video

●     Speaking on-camera in motorcycle and product test videos

●     Obtaining, selecting, and editing photos and videos

●     Coordinating with editors-in-chief, managing editor, and art director to meet deadlines and keep publications on schedule

●     Copy editing, proofreading, and fact checking

●     Planning, scheduling, and uploading content on websites and social media channels

●     Developing feature and story ideas

●     Assisting with editorial planning

This is a fast-paced, demanding job. You will be an integral, essential member of our editorial team, so you will wear many hats and get a wide range of experience. We’re looking for an enthusiastic, “all in” candidate who wants a challenge, doesn’t give up easily, and holds themself to a high standard. This is also a rewarding job where you will get to do what you love — ride motorcycles and share your experiences with other enthusiasts — and get paid for it. And you’ll never have to pay for helmets or gear or gas or tires!

Other requirements:

●     High level of motorcycle riding ability (5+ years of experience; street riding experience, a clean driving record, and a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license required)

●     Understanding of the mechanical operation and requirements of modern street-legal motorcycles (mechanical or technical training or experience is a plus)

●     Knowledge of and interest in motorcycle technology and trends

●     Proficiency using contemporary software/apps for desktop publishing, photo editing, content management, social media, file sharing, etc.

●     Strong writing, editing, grammar/punctuation/spelling, proofreading, research, and communication skills

●     Must be able to work independently with limited supervision

●     Previous publishing experience preferred

●     Experience managing websites and social media channels preferred

●     Photography and videography skills/experience preferred

Because the editors-in-chief for Rider and Thunder Press are based in Southern California (one in Orange County, the other in Ventura County), and because test bikes, equipment, photographers, etc. are based in the same area, even though this is a remote position you must live in Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara or Ventura counties. Sorry, we love Austin and Portland too, but we’re not fans of long-distance relationships.

To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter telling us why you are perfect for this job. Writing samples (raw copy, not previously published content) and a proofreading test will be required during the interview process.


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