•Adaptable to Company Values.

•Valid Driver license

• Provide prompt, dependable, high quality, vehicle service to (internal & external) customers.

• Complete repair work within the scheduled or allotted time period whenever possible. Continually improve this “efficiency” skill.

• Maintain productivity (time spent working on billable jobs) as close to 100% as possible.

• Accept work assignments from Service Writer/Manager.

• Request parts for the job as early as possible when needs become known.

• Perform service, repair and customization work in accordance to factory specifications.

• Assist Service Writer, when requested, with writing up work orders, communication with customers, test riding, or any other issue which will help ensure customer satisfaction.

• Notify Service Writer/Manager of additional work needed or any delays in expected completion as soon as they become known so that customer may be contacted and notified of the delay.

• After job is finished ensure proper completion and filing of paperwork.

• Keep work areas as clean as possible and assist others with maintaining shop cleanliness.

• Maintain technical (PHD and other) qualification by completing any necessary training programs assigned to you by the Service Manager.
Customer Service

• Minimize come-backs and deal with them promptly and satisfactorily when they do occur.

• All Service Technicians are required to own a set of tools.

•2 years of verifiable experience.