Dealerosity has been retained for this excellent long-standing 18+year Harley-Davidson® dealership owner is a seeking an experienced General Manager in with strong tenor and leadership knowledge and an excellent track record to mentor and motivate solid teams of results and customer driven Harley-Davidson teams.  Beautiful dealership with solid roots in the ground and hands-on owners that are passionate about the brand and their customers!   If you are interested in working for owners who are open-minded, humble and looking for a leader with innovative / creative ideas, then read on…

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee, manages, provides direction and coordinates for all areas of the operation of the dealership.
    Establishes and communicates operating policies and procedures for dealership.
    Balances the demands of employees, suppliers, customers, owners, and community.
    Ensures departments maintain budgeted revenue and expense objectives.
    Maintains records, controls and requests reports from subordinates to evaluate dealership performance.
  • Responsible for maximizing return on investment and profit and loss.
  • Has direct responsibility for managing and controlling company assets.
  • Managing and developing employees for future growth.
  • Guide and hold department managers accountable for established monthly and annual objectives and financial goals.
  • Approval of all major departmental expenditures.
  • Development and implementation of marketing plans for both short-term and long-term growth
  • In collaboration with the Dealer Principal, makes recommendations/changes to the operating plan and related budgets.
  • Responsible for customer and/or employee fulfillment & greet customers in a courteous and friendly manner.
  • Handle customer complaints reasonably, showing empathy and a positive attitude.
  • Set policies, procedures and processes for overall dealership with deep understanding of departments.
  • Coach, mentor and evaluates direct reports.
  • Manage recruitment, interviewing, hiring and termination of staff.
  • Conducts performance reviews on a regular basis for direct reports.
  • Sets and/or approves compensation plans for dealership employees.
  • Provides appropriate training for management team to have the skills to do their job. (seminars, sales training, technical training, etc.)
  • Manage conflicts between departments and individuals within the dealership.


  • Models superior customer service behavior by demonstrating positive relationships with customers and employees.
  • Is honest and fair in all business dealings.
  • Treats all employees and customers fairly, courteously, and with dignity.
  • Sets the tone for working relationships within the dealership.

Qualifications & Job Requirements

  • Minimum seven (5-7) years or more of progressive dealership or related management experience with a proven track record of results.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage all financial and management aspects of a profitable business.
  • Demonstrated ability to hire, manage/mentor, coach, and retain quality employees
  • Cultural fit will be a true leader who stays hands-on and follow through with constant training internally and keeping the long term solid staff happy and work as a team players/family.

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