Service Writer Job Description
We are looking for a dedicated Service Writer to act as the liaison between our company and our customers. The Service Writer’s responsibilities include ensuring the customer’s needs are filled, coordinating transactions between the company and the customer, and performing cost and time estimates for those transactions. The Service Writer will track repairs and the causes of problems, schedule the most appropriate Service Technician, and process the customers’ warranties.

To be a successful Service Writer, you should possess excellent customer service and communication skills. You should also have the ability to translate customers’ non-technical descriptions and relate them in a comprehensive and thorough report to the service team.

Service Writer Responsibilities:
Developing strong customer relationships through the successful management of products and service delivery.
Maintaining computerized customer profile information.
Monitoring customer records to check for regular scheduled servicing and future remedial work and calling the customer to arrange appointments.
Developing cost estimates, logging needed parts and the time needed for repairs, and scheduling the most appropriate Service Technician.
Conveying all necessary information regarding costs, parts, work, and Technicians to the customers and management.
Meeting with customers to discuss their requirements and relaying those requirements to the Service Technicians.
Contacting customers in the case of additional work to relay the details and extra costs.
Entering the details of repair jobs on the company’s network and preparing repair instructions and lists of needed replacement parts to the Service Technicians.
Checking warranties and insurance.
Releasing repaired equipment to the customers and explaining the work done and costs accrued to the customers to ensure their satisfaction and repeat business.
Service Writer Requirements:
A High School Diploma or equivalent.
Work experience and product knowledge may be advantageous.
Computer literacy and knowledge of office software programs.
Excellent communication and customer service skills.
Strong record keeping skills.
The ability to understand and relate technical issues to the service team from customers’ non-technical descriptions.

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