Motorcycle Technician Wanted

How Much Are You Worth?

That’s right… here’s your opportunity to earn what you’re worth! Without saying, you need to be a producer of course… but you already know that.

Let’s get down to the facts. We are one of the leading KTM dealers in the United States. We sell not only KTM, we also sell Husqvarna and GasGas so we’re heavily invested in the dirt. We’re heavily invested in the Street. We’re 10 Cycles and we’re located in Charlotte, NC. In addition, we sell Pre-Owned motorcycles.

We all know real estate has gone up in price, no different here in Charlotte. But the good news is we started out from a lower base to begin with so we’re still one of the more affordable areas of the country.

On top of that you can easily ride year-round in this neck of the woods. That’s right… year-round! We may get snow and ice a couple of times a year, but those days are few and far between. Most winter days will generally see high’s in the 40’s and 50’s. The truth is the climate in North Carolina is excellent most of the time. Plus, we have mountains in one direction and the ocean in the other. Super livable is an understatement!

We’re the home of NASCAR and Charlotte Motor Speedway a few miles up the street. We’ve got a number of both off-road and track day events pretty much year-round.

We’re looking for a Level A and a Level B technician. Billable hours are important, and we provide company paid, earn while you learn, factory training. In addition, we need quality. Actually, quality exceeds the importance of Billable. We need people that care about what they’re doing; that is not optional. Honesty is essential as well. The good news is we’re not letting anyone go. We’re actually in the midst of growth and we need you!

We’re a 5-day a week store, Tuesday through Saturday, so you’ll have Sunday’s and Monday’s off. We’re not a chain so we actually care about members of the 10 Cycles team! We offer an exceptionally pleasant work environment. And we firmly believe you’ll fall in love with the Charlotte area!

I ask yet again… How Much Are You Worth? Give me a call; let’s talk. Yes, we offer relocation expenses. If you’re good at what you do when it comes to twisting wrenches, we want you!

Call Billy Walker at @ (980) 339-8210 and Press 2 for Service. No corporate types found here. We’re regular people looking for exceptional talent! Prefer email? Here you go: bw@10cyclesusa.com

About 10 Cycles, LLC

Factory Authorized Franchise Dealer for KTM, Husqvarna, and WP Suspension