Harley Davidson Job Technician Levels

Harley Davidson Technician Levels Explained

In the realm of Harley Davidson jobs, mechanics, technicians, and other service providers such as motorcycle engineering jobs, have several levels of employment, all with their own specific tasks and areas of expertise. Many looking to get involved in the industry have a hard time understanding these variations. This confusion is a mistake that is understandably common because motorcycle technician jobs appear the same initially.

While a lot of the work performed by motorcycle mechanics and technicians is quite similar, as far as Harley jobs go, it can be somewhat complicated, so we have highlighted the varying levels with detailed explanation for concise understanding.

What is the difference between a ‘Mechanic’ and a ‘Technician’?

Many commonly confuse these two terms, mistaking them for interchangeable positions. However, there are many differences between a motorcycle technician and mechanic, not only at Harley Davidson. To simplify things just a bit, the significant difference between these two positions is mechanics use of their hands. In contrast, a technician uses computer-based equipment for diagnostics and troubleshooting purposes. Now that we have clarified the distinction between motorcycle mechanics and technicians, we can begin to explore the different Harley Davidson technician job levels in detail.

Motorcycle Technician

The Harley Davidson job of a motorcycle technician is a specialty position that requires a particular area of study, along with the appropriate skillset. On a day to day basis, in a Harley Davidson technician job you focus on the upkeep, maintenance, and repair of 2- and 4-cylinder engines. Beginning at around $20.99 an hour, the employee in this position ultimately works their way up through the Harley Davidson technician levels to become a master technician.

Motorcycle Service Technician

This Harley job entails doing various tasks around the shop. From regular maintenance and upkeep to multiple types of repair, these duties often coincide with other technician jobs. The Harley Davidson job of motorcycle service technician requires a highly skilled individual that focuses on a plethora of services. From providing their specialized expertise to when servicing brakes and engines to performing entire transmission overhauls, the day to day of a motorcycle service technician can be quite diverse in nature. Beginning at around $16 an hour, this is an excellent employment path for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to advance their career in the motorcycle industry—particularly a Harley Davidson job.

Motorcycle Maintenance Technician

First and foremost, the maintenance technician works hard to ensure small-engine vehicles are up-to-date and in working order. The Harley Davidson job of motorcycle maintenance technician often works within a dealership setting, maintaining current inventory as well as handling the repair and upkeep of dealership-sold merchandise. This Harley Davidson job is performed both on a part-time and full-time basis, depending on the dealership, and typically starts at $30.99/hour. The technician specializes specifically in the maintenance and repair of Harley’s uniquely large, high-torque twin engines found only within Harley Davidson motorcycles. With a high degree of skill involved, anyone in this position requires the right amount of training.

Master Motorcycle Technician

As far as Harley Davidson technician jobs go, in terms of growth, you cannot reach greater heights than you will once you become a master motorcycle technician. The master technician is an employee that has all the proper training and certification needed to handle any aspect of diagnoses, repair, and necessary services as required. As far as pay is concerned, the employee at this Harley Davidson technician level is at the top of the food chain, earning anywhere from $30 to $50 an hour. The master technician teaches apprentices about proper techniques and mechanics, standing out as an expert in this field.

Harley Davidson Technician Levels and Your Future

As you can see, while the word technician might be interchangeable, the job responsibilities involved with each level are not. Whether you are well-experienced in the industry or only looking to get your start, this guide should help give you some insight into where you wish to begin. This motorcycle technical ladder has many steps that will ultimately help your career grow to new heights, with all the benefits received via a Harley Davidson job.

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