Growing the Future

Bringing in grads fresh out of college can be a daunting enterprise when you’re looking to fill a role within your dealership. Before you obsess with your ROI, here are 4 Reasons to Hire New Grads to increase the success of your dealership.

1) Enthusiastic for New Beginnings

After years of hard work and dedication to earning their certification/degree, students are ready to kick start their professional career within the motorcycle industry. Dealers can expect highly competitive grads looking to acquire an entry-level position to be grateful for an opportunity. These grads are ready and willing to do what it takes to learn and gain professional experience.

2) Flexibility

Do you have employees who are unwilling to adapt to changes in the industry?  because it’s their way or the highway? New grads are willing to learn and adapt to how your dealership functions. Also, they bring with them new innovations they learned in courses. The combination of their enthusiastic adaptation and fresh information will help drive success in your dealership.

3) New Technologies

Students come equipped with knowledge of new and upcoming motorcycle industry technologies. New software and hardware can be difficult to learn on the job, but students have the benefit of getting familiar with new tech before they hit the dealership floor. Furthermore, this is highly beneficial when new grads share the knowledge they’ve gained at no additional cost to your bottom line.

4) Growing the Future

The future is in the hands of employers to foster and grow candidates. How many times have you heard the lament, “Where can I find a technician?”. Each new grad is a future professional waiting to be grow to their full potential. As a result of fostering new grads, we are setting the motorcycle industry up for a future of success.




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