About Family Powersports Odessa

We're an industry-leading power sports dealership deep in the heart of West Texas. We're going through extraordinary growth and are experiencing a 2% unemployment rate - the lowest in the country.  Our high desert climate with virtually no humidity and spectacular skies and nearby buttes makes this place an ideal place to live, work, and build a strong career.  We're 3 hours from skiing, about 4 from Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.  We believe in growth, but we excel at providing our employees high quality of life, with two consecutive days off each week and time off during traditional holidays.  

Our growth has created opportunities in every department, but our Service Department needs a strong leader to take the department and dealership to the next level. Demonstrated experience in superior-level Service Writing and time with wrench-in-hand are critical factors.  Bilingual in Spanish and English is a real plus!  This is a long-term position that requires focus and dedication to critical processes and employee development.  We are a Spader associated dealership, so if you have familiarity or facility with their process, be certain to bring that to our attention.We bring industry-leading compensation, world-class training, high quality of life in an affordable area, and stability in employment.