About Advanced Cycle Service

Advanced Cycle Service is a San Jose motorcycle shop dedicated to excellent and personable service.
The founder of Advanced Cycle Service brings years of experience and knowledge about street and race bikes to the table. ACS specializes in sport bike motorcycles and are well known for being Ducati experts, but we love and ride all brands.
We work on:

  • Ducati motorcycles
  • Suzuki motorcycles
  • Honda motorcycles
  • Yamaha motorcycles
  • Kawasaki motorcycles
  • street and race motorcycles

We guarantee all our workmanship.

We always provide a  safety check and will alert you to other issues your bike might have and will work within your budget.
Feel free to call Jim Davis for advice over the phone for any technical questions you might have.
18 years of Ducati expertise and we are happy to share our knowledge with you!