Job descriptionPersonnel Management: Develop and maintain high-producing salespeople and support personnel per the company processes. Fostering and building high morale while focusing on performance is necessary.

Successfully hire, train, and coach salespeople to effectively sell and provide outstanding service.
Oversee the sales floor, telephone opportunities, and internet leads to ensure each interaction is memorable and positive for the customer and sales performance standards are met.
Oversee all sales related processes, which includes strengthening relationships with all departments and customers.
Profit Management: Produce defined, agreed-upon sales revenue and margin targets suitable for staff and company sustainability.

Effectively decide the selling price for motorcycles, ATVs, Side by Sides, and all other products Valley Cycle Center may sell as part of desking deals.
Research and determine market trends and opportunities.
Conduct effective budgeting and strategic planning activities, in coordination with the General Manager and other departments, and determine individual sales goals.
Inventory Management: Effectively manage unit inventory for maximum return on investment, sales potential, and meet customer demand for products.

Establish actual cash value (ACV) for trades and outright purchases.
Adjust pricing based on age of inventory
Effectively merchandise inventory, including showroom and lot layout.
Foster and build relationships with manufacturer representatives.