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7 Top Tips: How to Prepare for a Job Interview

No matter what the industry, job interviews can be daunting and downright intimidating. From knowing how to present yourself to providing the most helpful information to your potential employer, your image and preparation are everything. We have you covered whether you are seeking a motorcycle mechanic or technician job, or something more numbers-driven like an accounting job. To put your mind at ease and get your foot in the door, we’ve outlined 7 easy steps to prepare for your job interview. Some people call these “tricks” or “hacks” but really nothing tricky about it, and we think they’re just good preparation, guaranteed to get you noticed.

Analyze the Motorcycle Job for Which you are Applying

Do you think you know the details of the motorcycle job for which you are applying? If so, that’s great. However, assumptions are never a great move—especially when it comes to your career. Before entering your motorcycle job interview, take some time to do your research. Say you have an interview with the opportunity of getting one of the coveted Harley Davidson jobs  – naturally, you are excited. To shine in front of your interviewer, investigate the company and what success means to them.

Take the time to source various material, reading up on the specifics of the motorcycle job in question, and gain an understanding of what they need from you. This way, you have a clear understanding of the task at hand, arriving at the motorcycle job interview with a bounty of intuitive questions, comments, and opinions. Ultimately, by doing your investigation, you prove you want the motorcycle job and have a lot to offer.

Polishing Your Professional Image

When it comes to motorcycle jobs and other shop-based careers, the environment is often relaxed. Whether you are preparing for motorcycle jobs with Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Indian Motors, or a local shop, people typically dress in t-shirts and jeans. While you want to exemplify that you are capable of fitting in, take this opportunity to present a more polished and professional outward appearance.

Luckily there are ways to make sure you present yourself best, based on the fact styles involved within the motorcycle industry tend to lend a hand to many avenues of clothing, haircuts, and facial hair. While we are not endorsing the idea of changing yourself for a job, use this opportunity to work your best features. Slim fit pants, a short-sleeve button-down, skinny-tie, and throwback leather shoes, for example, will effectively slay the competition.

Get Ready for a Variety of Common Motorcycle Job Interview Questions

You might assume you are ready for all kinds of questions, mainly since many of the same motorcycle job interview questions get recycled throughout various industries. Instead of assuming, do your research and write down some commonly used questions, along with credible and relevant solutions. The more you practice, the better prepared you will be for whatever issue might come your way.

Prepare and Clarify your Selling Points

When you are preparing for a motorcycle job interview, clarify within your mind at least five different selling points before entering that interview room. Start by highlighting what interests you about the position in detail. Let the hiring supervisor hear about what value you can deliver to their institution, along with relevant tales of employment. For instance, “I am a team player. I was once in charge of…”, detailing the successes derived from your professional strengths. Finally, make them understand that you REALLY want this motorcycle job. If you fail to convince them of your sincere desire, you are far less likely to receive a second interview, let alone an official offer.

Present a Perfect Resume and Cover Letter

While your physical presence in the motorcycle job interview itself is impactful, the resume and cover letter you submit are what represents your professional life. Your resume is what your potential employer is left with when you go, and ultimately, you want it to stack up against your fellow applicants. When you update your resume for any position, be sure to highlight your understanding of the motorcycle job along with relevant experience and qualifications.

Customize your resume by highlighting your achievements and long-time love for the industry. When including your qualifications, be sure they honestly match up with what is listed in the motorcycle job ad itself. While CEOs and hiring managers see hundreds of resumes, what you need is to set yourself apart. Use a basic font and get right to the point, illustrating why you are the best. In the end, this will garner you both respect and consideration. 

Present Well-Researched Questions to the Interviewer

While you want to research the company prior to entering your motorcycle job interview, you still want to have some questions ready for the hiring manager. Not only does this express your interest, having reputable inquiries shows that you honestly care about the motorcycle job for which you are applying. While prepping for your interview also use this time to gather common interviewee questions. For instance, ask your interviewer about working conditions and what they enjoy most about the company in question. By getting somewhat personal about this professional industry allows the interviewer to see you are genuine and curious.

Acing Your Motorcycle Industry Job Interview

In the end, confidence and know-how speak louder than anything else. That is why it is so important to feel confident and ready when you get that interview request call rather than panicking. Take the time in-between that call and your interview to read-up on the company so that you can show genuine interest and understanding. These actions also allow you to get a grasp on what they are seeking and what to expect. To sum up this approach, we recommend plenty of research, preparation, confidence, and an honest, vigorous effort.

Proving your Talents and Getting the Motorcycle Job you Deserve

The motorcycle industry is exciting, fast-paced, and technologically advancing all the time. Therefore, it is easy to see why so many grow up with dreams of procuring motorcycle industry jobs. Whether it be accounting, mechanics, or something based on Human Resources, there is something for everyone. When it comes time to start the interview process, rather than getting nervous, get excited! With the appropriate licenses and certifications, along with excellent interviewing skills, you will find yourself virtually unstoppable. Study this guide, polish that resume, and search ‘motorcycle jobs near me’ to get started today.


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